Data Filename Reduced File Description
PYEA11.TIF PYEA11.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - Tropical Surface Analysis (E Half) 5S-50N, 0W-70W (Radiofax)
PYEB11.TIF PYEB11.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - Tropical Surface Analysis (W Half) 5S-50N, 55W-125W (Radiofax)
PWEE11.TIF PWEE11.SMALL.TIF Caribbean - 24HR Wind/Wave Forecast, 0N-31N, 30W-100W (Latest)
PWEI11.TIF PWEI11.SMALL.TIF Caribbean - 48HR Wind/Wave Forecast, 0N-31N, 30W-100W (Latest)
PJEK11.TIF PJEK11.SMALL.TIF Caribbean - 72HR Wind/Wave Forecast, 0N-31N, 30W-100W (Latest)
PYEE10.TIF PYEE10.SMALL.TIF Caribbean - 24HR Surface Forecast, 0N-31N, 30W-100W (Latest)
PYEI10.TIF PYEI10.SMALL.TIF Caribbean - 48HR Surface Forecast, 0N-31N, 30W-100W (Latest)
PYEK10.TIF PYEK10.SMALL.TIF Caribbean - 72HR Surface Forecast, 0N-31N, 30W-100W (Latest)
PJAA99.TIF PJAA99.SMALL.TIF 12Z Sea State Analysis, 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PWAA90.TIF PWAA90.SMALL.TIF Wind/Wave Analysis, 40W-98W Northern Hemisphere
PWAE10.TIF PWAE10.SMALL.TIF 24HR Wind/Wave Chart Forecast 40W-98W N. Hemisphere
PJAI10.TIF PJAI10.SMALL.TIF 48HR Wind/Wave Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PJAI20.TIF PJAI20.SMALL.TIF 48HR Wave Period Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PJAM98.TIF PJAM98.SMALL.TIF 96HR Wind/Wave Chart VT12Z Forecast 10E-95W N. Hemisphere
PJAM88.TIF PJAM88.SMALL.TIF 96HR Wave Period VT12Z Forecast 10E-95W N. Hemisphere
PYAD10.TIF PYAD10.SMALL.TIF Preliminary Surface Chart Analysis 45W-85W N. Hemisphere
PYAA11.TIF PYAA11.SMALL.TIF Surface Analysis Chart, Part 1, 10E-45W N. Hemisphere
PYAA12.TIF PYAA12.SMALL.TIF Surface Analysis Chart, Part 2, 40W-95W N. Hemisphere
PPAE10.TIF PPAE10.SMALL.TIF 24HR Surface Chart Forecast 40W-98W Northern Hemisphere
QDTM10.TIF QDTM10.SMALL.TIF 48HR Surface Chart Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PWAM99.TIF PWAM99.SMALL.TIF 96HR Surface Chart VT12Z Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PPAA10.TIF PPAA10.SMALL.TIF 500MB Surface Chart Analysis 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PPAE11.TIF PPAE11.SMALL.TIF 24HR 500MB Chart Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PPAG11.TIF PPAG11.SMALL.TIF 36HR 500MB Chart Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PPAI10.TIF PPAI10.SMALL.TIF 48HR 500MB Chart Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PPAM50.TIF PPAM50.SMALL.TIF 96HR 500MB Chart VT12Z Forecast 10E-95W Northern Hemisphere
PWEK11.TIF PWEK11.SMALL.TIF Tropical Cyclone Danger Area* 05N-60N, 00W-100W
evnt00.jpg   00Z GOES IR Satellite Image, West Atlantic (VERY LARGE)
evnt06.jpg   06Z GOES IR Satellite Image, Atlantic (VERY LARGE)
evnt12.jpg   12Z GOES IR Satellite Image, West Atlantic (VERY LARGE)
evnt18.jpg   18Z GOES IR Satellite Image, Atlantic (VERY LARGE)
evnt99.jpg   W Atlantic or Atlantic (Most Current) (VERY LARGE)
PIEA88.TIF PIEA88.SMALL.TIF Ice Chart from U.S. Coast Guard International Ice Patrol (only Fed-Sep)
ngp10.prp.012.atlantic.gif ngp10.prp.012.atlantic.png Atlantic - FNMOC Previous 12 Hour Precipitation Rate and Sea Level Pressure (12 hour prediction)
UK Met Office via NOAA
PJGA93.TIF PJGA93.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 00HR Sea Swell/Wind Direction Analysis
PJGE93.TIF PJGE93.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 24HR Sea Swell/Wind Direction Analysis
PJLG98.TIF PJLG98.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 36HR Sea Swell/Wind Direction Analysis
PJGI93.TIF PJGI93.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 48HR Sea Swell/Wind Direction Analysis
PPVA89.TIF PPVA89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 00HR Surface Analysis
PPVE89.TIF PPVE89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 24HR Surface Analysis
PPVG89.TIF PPVG89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 36HR Surface Analysis
PPVI89.TIF PPVI89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 48HR Surface Analysis
PPVJ89.TIF PPVJ89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 60HR Surface Analysis
PPVK89.TIF PPVK89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 72HR Surface Analysis
PPVM89.TIF PPVM89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 96HR Surface Analysis
PPVO89.TIF PPVO89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 120HR Surface Analysis
PPVP89.TIF PPVP89.SMALL.TIF Atlantic - 132HR Surface Analysis
PTUK21.TIF PTUK21.SMALL.TIF NE Atlantic & North Sea - Mean Sea Isotherm Chart 5 Day Analysis
QWFQ99.TIF QWFQ99.SMALL.TIF Central Pacific - 48HR Wind/Stream Forecast VT00Z 50N-30S, 100W-120E
neph.gif PBFA11.SMALL.TIF Significant Cloud Features (50N-EQ, 110W-130E)
stream.gif tropsl.tif Pacific Streamline Analysis - Hawaiian Islands (130E-110W,30S-30N)
npac.gif npac.SMALL.png North Pacific Surface Analysis (130E-110W,0N-60N)
PWFE10.TIF PWFE10.SMALL.TIF Pacific - 24HR Wind/Wave Forecast (latest) 30N-20S, E of 145W
PJFK93.TIF PJFK93.SMALL.TIF Pacific - 72HR Wave Period/Swell Direction VT00Z 30N-20S,E of 145W
PYFK10.TIF PYFK10.SMALL.TIF Pacific - 72HR Tropical Surface Forecast (latest) 30N-20S, E of 145W
PJBA99.TIF PJBA99.SMALL.TIF N Pacific - 00Z Sea State Analysis 20N-70N, 115W-135E
PWBA90.TIF PWBA90.SMALL.TIF N Pacific - Wind/Wave Analysis 25N-60N, E OF 155W
PWBE10.TIF PWBE10.SMALL.TIF N Pacific - 24HR Wind/Wave Forecast 25N-60N, E of 155W
PJBI10.TIF PJBI10.SMALL.TIF N Pacific - 48HR Wind/Wave Forecast 20N-70N, 115W-135E
PJBI20.TIF PJBI20.SMALL.TIF N Pacific - 48HR Wave Period/Swell Direction 20N-70N, 115W-135E
PJBM98.TIF PJBM98.SMALL.TIF N Pacific - 96HR Wind/Wave Forecast VT12Z 20N-70N, 115W-135E
PJBM88.TIF PJBM88.SMALL.TIF N Pacific - 96HR Wave Period/Swell Direction VT12Z 20N-70N, 115W-135E
IDG00073.gif IDG00073.SMALL.png Australia - 4 day forecast
IDX0033.gif IDX0033.SMALL.png Australia - Indian Ocean Analysis
IDD80100.png IDD80100.SMALL.png Australia - Asia MSL Pressure Analysis Valid 00UTC


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